Client: Charlene Bourlon
Date: 2019-09-03
Services: Website

Charlene is an independent sports journalist specializing in rugby – based between New Zealand and France.

The project:

In 2019, Charlene’s website was meticulously crafted, following a detailed and well-articulated procedure. Initially, the process began with a critical discovery phase involving a comprehensive meeting with Charlene to understand her exact specifications and objectives for the site.

After this important kickoff, the focus shifted to developing the right aesthetic and ambiance for the website. This second phase consisted of an extended period of design exploration, iteration, and refinement to create a digital environment that truly embodied Charlene’s essence and the purpose of her online presence.

Once the look and feel of the site was established and approved by Charlene, the final phase was centered on an inclusive training session to empower Charlene to manage the website independently. This helpful training ensured she could confidently load content on the website, keeping it dynamic, fresh and up-to-date with her latest endeavors.

One of her work