Omada offers a solution that allows for resources to be shared so workspaces are better utilized, delivering sustainable returns for owners whilst ensuring a better experience for users.

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Omada, Noun. ομάδα •
A team, a group of people coming together with a purpose.

Omada provides a resource-sharing solution that enhances workspace utilization, ensuring sustainable returns for owners while improving user experiences. The built environment contributes to 40% of global CO2 emissions; despite emerging sustainable construction methods, new developments still have a major impact.

By increasing office utilization from 20% to 40%, we can reduce the carbon emissions tied to offices by half within the next decade.

As New Zealand’s first carbon-neutral flexible space provider, Omada places sustainability at the heart of its mission and is dedicated to spearheading the decarbonization of office properties.

Omada Christchurch:

Level 2
47 Salisbury Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8013