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Performing Arts & Dance Classes in Auckland

I have personally followed Michael and Tracey’s project since 2015. As they were revamping their site at the time, they needed an eye on content and optimisation and I helped them structure and optimise their existing content, as well as create new landing pages, and eventually create and manage their Google my Business profiles. To this day, and as they continue to grow, trust between us is still very strong, as is their website performance in New Zealand. More recently, Sam also helped me to craft some videos for their social platforms.

Client: Pform
Date: on-going
Services: SEO, Video Editing, Motion Design

Search Engine Optimisation

In a short span of time, pform’s website and Google Map listings were able to rank in the top organic results in New Zealand.

This is thanks to optimised content focusing on their different class type, but also target audience and suburbs. As pform offers in-school classes in more than 30 suburbs around Auckland, a local SEO strategy was key, and by implementing it we saw amazing results. Try Googling ‘performing arts classes’ in any Auckland Central suburb and those guys surely will pop up in top results.

With footage acquired in different classes for kids, teen and adults, we have produced a series of 15″ and longer Ad videos for Facebook campaigns and the website.

The challenge with short video formats is always to master good story telling, without overloading viewers with too much information, or going too fast. Social media formats also have constraints, as most people on Facebook will watch videos on a Smartphone, without sound. So we produced simple, memorable and modern native video content for Facebook campaigns.

“The Tharks were having their hands full in the center of the room, and I began to realize that nothing short of a miracle could save Dejah Thoris and myself, when I saw Tars Tarkas surging through the crowd of pygmies that swarmed about him.”

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